Parked In Rincon – Stephane Poirier

Parked In Rincon - Stephane Poirier

The Offworld Technologies Corporation promotional vehicle magicvan3000 was a 1971 VW bus driven around in California USA between 1997 and 2001 by Offworld Technologies Corporation’s CXO Stephane Poirier – SPI ro simply spi. In 1999, after the Offworld Multimedia Art Gallery event in Santa Barbara, André Labbé, highly talented set and scenic painter from Montreal, Quebec in Canada coated the clean-dipper color 1971 VW surfmobile painting a robot organic fractal ocean texture. At the question, often thrown by police officers performing driver checks, ‘What is your vehicle color?’, I would always reply, ‘Ocean’, ‘Ocean Color’. The magicvan3000’s scenic paint coat is called Oceanware (Offworld Technologies’s Oceanware). According to André Labbé’s design, the magicvan3000’s paintjob artist, this underwater visual seeds the whole magicvan3000’s scenic paint. Genese genesis générant the whole Offworld Technologies Corporation’s Oceanware. For spi, the driver, this side of the van earned a driver’s caress after each engine temperature check. And god knows, there has been many engine temperature checks for four VW engines were blown in this four years time frame and the engines were literally drinking ‘oil’.

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