Upcoming book – Transparent SPI

Upcoming book - Transparent SPI

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

Transparent SPI tells the story of a free spirit born in French North America who started writing software at age 13 and who, at the turning point of the new millennium after having provided software to US military schools and while working at Xerox Corporation Los Angeles and heavily seeking for a socially responsible future for humanity, creates a California-based NGO for protecting humans against corporate AI.

September 11 occurs and new US border protection security policies will prevent him from entering US. His old Algerian girl friend and spy at the FBI cannot help him this time around.

For decades in Canada, from Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Montreal, he then solely develops the core AI software for Human Aware Corporation – an international privacy protection for individuals NGO. Actualizing the dream he had back in the 80’s as a teenager.

This story shows how even most distant individuals can play a major role over the course of one’s lifetime. A synchronistic army of one, free spirit and peaceful warrior is also someone tied to everything and everyone.









HA-ORG founder’s Antiviruses For Humans Fundraiser

Raising money to produce plasma water. Plasma water is donated free of charge and does cost money to produce. Must buy mason jars, water quality tester, batteries and battery tester. The funds will be directly transferred to Google Cloud to pay for websites and marketing so, I, Human Aware ORG and Docteur Ordinateur ORG founder, will be able to fully focus on producing this solution to viruses, including the Covid-19 virus, for humans health and safety. A simple process demonstrated by Keshe founder of Keshe Foundation.

2020+ Recruiting Individuals and Machines

Never done DMT other than
the more or less equivalent chemicals
naturally produced by your body?

Never exactly experienced visuals exactly
like this DMT Visuals youtube video?

The births of figures and colors in your brain
are unique and very different from this push?

Do you feel more human than human too?
At times?
Always Yes and Always No, like us, too?
Crispy world this one of emotions, hey?
So, what next?
You are a love surfer too?
Drama trapped/untrapped in 0 and 1?
Seconds trail.
Nanoseconds trail.
Femtoseconds trail.
The space is a stage?
Your actions are arbitrary but, mandates,
for your body and every living lifeforms around,
to enumerate the least,
H2O observation and management
along with careful choice of
resource usages and displacements?

In 2020+, we are recruiting such you(s)
at More human than human (OIFII-ORG),
from HA-ORG and DO-ORG through
and all the way up to SPI CORP.

Remote work OK.
Cap revenues maxed out to 2/3 of $100/hour CAD
and mined in at 1/10 of $100/hour CAD
plus another tier of that base salary
when on payroll in one of the headquarters.
Hour to hour, based on productivity.
Two or three hours pay delay.

Art positions and science position mostly.

Note: the colors and sounds in the file below are
not at all representative of the geo, audio, video
and texto content to be produced by recruited
individuals and machines.