In 2022, HA-ORG helping artists produce and business individuals control their public image and privacy


Poirier writes software to enable visual artists to fully benefit from print-on-demand businesses and from the crypto art markets. In 2021, Poirier provided online services to automate the creation and the entire revision of any given visual artist’s portfolio. He founded Fractal Montreal (FM-ORG) to produce very large-scale images derived from artists’ artworks. FM-ORG not only enables each artist’s artwork to perfectly fit any given print-on-demand product no matter sizes and proportion, but the artist can optionally modify their artwork’s fine and large scales subject geometries, overall textures, as well as local and global color palettes. FM-ORG helps artists produce visually consistent and coherent image series from their unique art. Artists can even get the copyrights as well as the full source code of the algorithms along with complete multi-platform client-server applications. In 2022, Poirier opens new markets to visual artists by fully enabling them. VOROTRANS (V-ORG) and NAKEDSOFT (NS-ORG) were also funded to produce new and unique visual artworks, ambient music, and real-time animations derived from artists’ illustrations, paintings, photographs, and audio-video content optionally including artist’s audio tracks, sounds, and music extracts. The hundred of software apps Poirier writes sells, and maintains, all exploit the interaction of audio, video, and text information in a minimalist way in order to progressively construct new original and unique digital content completely live in batch/server mode or in interactive/client mode before the artist’s ears and eyes exposing all algorithms parameters directly embedded in graphical content’s surface. In this interactive mode, the visual artwork becomes the artist’s interface.

Poirier’s art really lies in the AI software he has written for the last 3 decades. In 2022, available online as various production services for artists all under AUDIO, VIDEO, and TEXTO SPI website https://SPI.RUN.

Poirier considers the artworks he produced, with the software he writes, to be “etudes”. While he considers himself more focused on abstract and texture creation, Poirier most often merges figurative elements into his visual compositions and relies intensively on spatial and spectral series of iterative deconstruction and reconstruction processes to create the final artworks. Using the software he writes, Poirier creates live video effects by dragging and dropping audio sound loops directly over the various areas of Vorotrans-ed images. Since 2017, he ran unique series of computer graphics experiments most often seeding his algorithms with grand feminine model photography, superb underwater ambiances, as well as epic aerial scenery video footage.

As a seasoned software writer-artist by now in 2022, Poirier next plans to use the coming decade to help and enable thousands of artists and business individuals around the world.

Until 2032, Poirier estimates emerging from being a software writer-artist to becoming established as an accomplished mixed-media artist.


While the Fractal algorithms are widely used in the computer graphics and gaming industries, the Vorotrans algorithms POIRIER writes are new and original. At the time of writing the Vorotrans Art Manifesto, available on POIRIER’s website at, initial Vorotrans artworks were digital videos not created for being printed onto physical supports. From 2020, most Fractal Montreal and Vorotrans artworks are created at high resolution and are produced using a wide range of colors for being easily printed onto objects of all kinds so POIRIER’s artworks can become part of your environment.

In Vorotrans art, only space partition frontiers are made visible. Such partitioning of the 2-D space is called a Voronoi diagram. It is named after the Russian and Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy. Therefore each Vorotrans still image as well as each Vorotrans video frame is a Voronoi diagram. Vorotrans art is not purely algorithmic art. Vorotrans art is generated using an algorithm seeded using an image. That seed image emerges through the Voronoi diagram like if the Voronoi diagram was transparent. From which the name Vorotrans art stands for Voronoi transparent art. VOROTRANS.ORG (V-ORG) is the official website of the Vorotrans Art Movement at


POIRIER develops FractalMontreal.ORG(FM-ORG) algorithms and applies these to his Vorotrans.ORG (V-ORG) artworks for producing animated artistic videos as well as for producing colorful images at all scales for being printed on all kinds of objects from home decor, lifestyle, and apparel to wall artworks to mention only a few.


Poirier writes NakedSoftware.ORG (NS-ORG) algorithms to produce NakedSoft.ORG’s artistic nude content. Poirier produces art with a purpose. NS-ORG converts most private personal content into mixed-media fine art by dressing up the subjects as well as reconstructing its visual environment. FM-ORG scales digital content to generate exact fit print-on-demand products of all shapes and sizes. V-ORG encrypts digital audio, video, and texto content into inaudible, invisible, and unreadable edge networks and interpretation networks.


Poirier uses HumanAware.ORG (HA-ORG) to extract, fetch, and publish V-ORG edge networks’ and interpretation networks’ subsets into strings of numbered NFTs on one or more live blockchains. NFTs’ P2P smart contracts may include or not rights to NS-ORG’s generative art open-source software code as well as rights to NAKEDSOFT’s digital content. HA-ORG’s focus is not only on helping large diversity of artists to emerge but resides rather very much on heavily creating digital art content to enable individuals to self-manage both their local privacy everywhere and their global identity on most P2P networks.


In 2022, Poirier is founding SPI CORP to facilitate the transfer of open-source software, virtual machines, pre-configured servers, computer hard disks with bare metal installs with or without the whole gear, computer cloud accounts, etc. Know that while you can get tens of thousands of digital images per prepaid 100$ CAD from SPI CORP’s set of online ORGs mentioned here above,.the prepaid price tag for SPI CORP’s digital products transfers starts from 100K CAD and up and will typically make you commit to half a million CAD to get Poirier, yes SPI himself, for 1-year as a consultant for ensuring the proper product transfer and secure its operation ability on your end. It is the only way to go if you need to keep the greater number of local and international systems around you in a zero-knowledge state with respect to your communications, networks, and contacts.


I have been introduced to many computer graphics algorithms while studying complex systems and developing visual recognition software. In attempting to automate the interpretation of airborne forest cover images, I have used algorithms to model and represent forest image textures in the computer. Inspired by some of the geometric data representations used in this science, I have applied these computer graphic algorithms onto common vegetal and animal scenes in order to generate organic Vorotrans computer art.

In my Vorotrans art, I want the organic to manifest itself out of the geometric. Natural motions and natural shapes emanate from visual scenes filtered by Voronoi diagrams.

Voronoi diagrams are composed of highly geometric visual objects. Common vegetal and animal scenes are composed of highly organic visual objects. When filtering vegetal and animal scenes with transparent Voronoi diagrams, one gets the fusion between the geometric and the organic, a computer-generated semi-abstract art visually captivating to the human eye.

The writing of the upcoming books The Real Queen Of England, An American President, Magicvan 3000, Surfing On Love, and Transparent SPI influences greatly the subjects from which Vorotrans artworks, Fractal Montreal, and NakedSoft artworks are derived since 2017. These upcoming books feature one thousand and one goddess characters. It is these works of fiction’s female characters I depict here on Fine Art America and Pixels.


Stephane Poirier is a pioneer in Vorotrans art – art made out of transparent Voronoi diagrams. Poirier currently works as a software developer at OIFII.ORG and he is also OIFII.ORG’s founder. At OIFII.ORG, Voronoi diagrams are used, for individual tree level forest texture recognition out of airborne Lidar data, in order to automate the process of building new forest maps for governments. In 2017, Poirier had the idea to use these Voronoi diagrams combined with a specific algorithm to produce semi-abstract art called Vorotrans art. In 2018, Poirier developed Fractal Montreal algorithms to produce animated artistic videos and 3D-print his artwork on all kinds of objects.

For the years to come, Vorotrans art installations and Fractal Montreal live event visuals are made available to art galleries, music artists, and music event producers around the world.

Poirier has held many research positions at Laval University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Sherbrooke, and McGill University. Over the years, Poirier has also held many corporate positions in Quebec and California. He has developed commercial software for EXFO, MATROX, ISERA, CJ, and XEROX.

Upcoming book – Magicvan 3000

Upcoming book - Magicvan 3000

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

Magicvan 3000 tells the story of a native French Canadian DJ and VJ Magicvan3000 when still a minor during the 70’s and 80’s, Magicvan3000 aka SPI is son of An American President and son of The Real Queen Of England. As a 8 years old youngster, he admired, loved and worked security for his father, manually printing serial numbers on his father’s business loyalty paper currency.

SPI, loved magic. He loved playing cards and the magic tricks Quebec Ministry of Justice Judge Anatol was performing to entertain the crowd. From age 10 to 13 he too, practices prestidigitation and performs playing cards tricks. As a young electronic recycler and builder, young carpenter, Lego blocks player and music listening lover, he also enjoys watching movies while dissembling electronics like radios and televisions to reuse circuits and parts to construct physical cardboard car race gaming machines as well as simple electric and electronic communication systems like intercoms, simple radios and recorders as well as public phone answering machines.

Before relocating and making new friends fall 1976, SPI is hard working, simple, honest and a happy camper flooded with so much recycle supplies and recycled parts. When not sleeping nor eating nor at school, he dissembles, builds, draws cartoons, typewrites family newspapers, experiment various chemical reactions in his lab, builds physical wooden go kart by the dozen, builds constantly snow castles and ice rings during winter and so on and on.

For the better or the worst, age 11, a young friend teaches him price tags switching tricks.

From age 11, SPI starts to apply these teaching and becomes successively successful at risky business – stealing Smurfs, switching price tags from Lego blocks purchases and stealing 45 rpm and even large 33 rpm Vinyls.

In 1979, at age 13,he gets cut at his Lego purchase price tag switching trick and this event will change the course of his life forever. Becoming a software writer and DJ/VJ producer from there and walking the path of constantly improving himself and never ever steal any property again and develops very strong ethics.

This story shows how drastically adopting a new behavior is possible and how constantly improving ourselves matters most.



Upcoming book – Surfing On Love

Upcoming book - Surfing On Love

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

Surfing On Love tells the story of a French American free spirit and self actualizer who follows his dream to the Pacific Ocean shorelines living hard in Santa Barbara during the Internet Bubble between 1997 and 2001.

Barefoot in or out his 1971 VW T-1 Bus when not writing software, chasing friendly ocean swells and shores around Southern California, hiking inland on Southern Coast Ranges or hiding at night dancing on techno among 4000+ ravers corner Spring Street and 4th downtown Los Angeles, this French American felt like a 13th electron feeling being love while remaining free by not consuming love.

Free like the waves, free like the birds and free like the wind, until this French man joins a network of Argentinian, Brazilian and Californian women. The birth of a baby boy occurs. Nurses did not know to which men give the father bracelet has two male lovers were in the hospital room supporting the mother at delivery. The man thought to be the father ever since pregnancy turns out to be proved not at all the father a year later. Feeling like a 13th electron no more when this Frenchman discovers that while being the mother’s lover since two years, he was also this toddler boy’s natural father.

On love, to surf or not to surf. This dilemma produces a biblical proportion life situation for SPI, the made in Quebec French American. A chain of impossible life time decisions is now well triggered.

This story shows how loving everything and respecting every lifeforms essentially the same as your loved ones is a great challenge for oneself but surely a near insurmountable lifetime difficulty for one’s cherished loved ones. Metaphysics, yes. Spirit to spirit communications, always. But the laws of simple physics matter and the physical dimensions must never be forgotten.



Upcoming book – Transparent SPI

Upcoming book - Transparent SPI

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

Transparent SPI tells the story of a free spirit born in French North America who started writing software at age 13 and who, at the turning point of the new millennium after having provided software to US military schools and while working at Xerox Corporation Los Angeles and heavily seeking for a socially responsible future for humanity, creates a California-based NGO for protecting humans against corporate AI.

September 11 occurs and new US border protection security policies will prevent him from entering US. His old Algerian girl friend and spy at the FBI cannot help him this time around.

For decades in Canada, from Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Montreal, he then solely develops the core AI software for Human Aware Corporation – an international privacy protection for individuals NGO. Actualizing the dream he had back in the 80’s as a teenager.

This story shows how even most distant individuals can play a major role over the course of one’s lifetime. A synchronistic army of one, free spirit and peaceful warrior is also someone tied to everything and everyone.



Upcoming book – The Real Queen Of England

Upcoming book - The Real Queen Of England

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

The Real Queen Of England tells the story of a native French Canadian woman who married An American President for the better or the worst in the mid 60’s and becomes mother of four children all born in Quebec City Canada.

The story is told by one of her children, SPI, who, for many years as a teenager, helped his father gather the proofs his mother was paranoid and possibly had schizophrenic tendencies. For his son, only to, later in life, realize he had it all wrong presenting his 3-year report of his mother’s daily behavior to a department of justice judge in Quebec at age 17 and recommending to use cops to intern his mom.

Just like the sun shines and provides life capability on earth, psychological instabilities are natural. We are not clones nor must always hyper perform robots.

Exceptional forms of intelligence are most precious for humanity and, on earth, do occur for physical and social space sharing, social acceptance and social survival reasons.

The name “The Real Queen Of England” is a nickname I gave to my mother by respect considering she loved everything English in manners and protocols as well as admired and loved the real Queen Elizabeth II Of England. My mother was 8 years younger than the real Queen Elizabeth II and she resembled very closely to her in her golden age from the turning of the new millennium until she passed away in 2014.

This story shows how easy it is to brainwash our youth, how simple it is to indoctrinate the society and, most dramatically of all, how hard it is not to fool ourselves in life and to remain objective and socially responsible.



Upcoming book – An American President

Upcoming book - An American President

(based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction)

An American President tells the story about a man born neighbor of Rene Levesque in New Carlisle QC who lived all his life unconsciously as a socialist but who always thought about himself as a capitalist, always voted Liberal and who strongly admired the United States Congress and always loved reading so many United States Democrat President’s biographies.

This simple man had a major United Kingdom corporation’s Quebec branch manager job, married for the better or the worst and had four children. He eventually turned his job into a company he became president of. Lack of focus, lack of corporate vision and financial struggle lead him to intern his wife in the 80’s so he could get a successful divorce, free himself and sell the family house. Happy camper, positive thinker and heavy drinker, he enjoyed his life even after filing for bankruptcy following 1997-2001 North America internet bubble crash. He died at age 88 in Compton QC watching CNN and believing he was living somewhere in the USA.

The story is told by one of his children, SPI, who, for many years as a teenager, helped his father gather the proofs his mother was paranoid and potentially dangerous. For his son, only to, later in life, realize he had it all wrong presenting his 3-year report of his mother’s daily behavior to a department of justice judge in Quebec at age 17 and recommending to use cops to intern his mom.

This story shows how easy it is to brainwash our youth, how simple it is to indoctrinate the society and, most dramatically of all, how hard it is not to fool ourselves in life.



2020 Humanitarian Crisis – Coup Vide 19

Humanitarian Crisis have been undergoing since ever.

Coup Vide 19, Empty Coup 2019, COVID-19 World Pandemie, Canadian Aboriginal Crisis, Black Lives Matter, Sweet Lies 2020, Fear Anticipation Science and Prevention, is now headlines news.

Most often, parents lie to their children because it is just too long, too complicated, too exhausting to answer their curiosity and questions. Yes, lie to “l’enfant roi”, in North America, the “parents-esclavent” lying to their own “enfant roi” children.

But no, most parents, enslaved by the era of performance and the linear perception of time, no longer have much time to give to their children, education is quickly delegated to daycare centers, primary schools, etc.

Employers lie to their employees to increase employee’s productivity, but will not allow any of their employees to lie to them.

Our politicians defend specific positions and, therefore, cannot really expose the reality with which they are confronted.

As the large portion of the general public does not really read or listen to the content of printed and streamed medias, but easily absorbs the sensationalist headlines of articles as well as the body language and the tone of voice of those who pass through the medias …

Politicians, like parents, simply choose the quickest solution, lying most of the time.

Obviously, in our society, no one should be labelled a liar.

Be it parents, employers, employees, politicians, children, teens, adults.

Lying to a child, for a parent, is very often done out of a desire to protect the loved one.

Later, when older – he, she, both, either, neither or it – will understand.

Lying to taxpayers, for a politician, is also very often done with the intention of keeping the peace. Giving to the general public what most of us like to hear.

Why confuse minds with truths that are complicated to explain when a simple perspective, a little better presented, can be more easily absorbed by the masses?

History shows us the constant discrimination of the difference.

It seems to have been, until now, and still today, always very comforting to regroup according to our similarities.

Difference in behaviour, difference in clothing, difference in the sounds we produce (language, choice of words, accent), difference in our geometry (physical shape, physical fitness, genetic origins, skin color, age, gender, etc), difference in our beliefs, if people do not make war on it, they distance themselves and tolerate themselves more or less peacefully.

Crimes against humanity of the past should not, however, control our present or our future.

Our minds are all native.

Our bodies are all earthly.

The first cultures (first nations) on the planet are very precious, but it seems, more often than not, that they live in extreme poverty.

To the problem of poverty which persists on earth, in regions, countries, in our cities, should we accuse the stupidity of socially irresponsible extreme capitalism or simply accept the fact that distancing and discrimination are only very natural human stupidity?

Our bodies are dumb and animal, a bit like sheeps, our natural bodies like to cluster together by similarity.

But it is our minds that we must liberate from our earthly bodies.

It remains for our minds and spirits to take the complete lead over our bodies and for our minds and spirits to take the complete responsibility for the state of our globalized society.

Transparent SPI

HA-ORG founder’s Antiviruses For Humans Fundraiser

Raising money to produce plasma water. Plasma water is donated free of charge and does cost money to produce. Must buy mason jars, water quality tester, batteries and battery tester. The funds will be directly transferred to Google Cloud to pay for websites and marketing so, I, Human Aware ORG and Docteur Ordinateur ORG founder, will be able to fully focus on producing this solution to viruses, including the Covid-19 virus, for humans health and safety. A simple process demonstrated by Keshe founder of Keshe Foundation.

2020+ Recruiting Individuals and Machines

Never done DMT other than
the more or less equivalent chemicals
naturally produced by your body?

Never exactly experienced visuals exactly
like this DMT Visuals youtube video?

The births of figures and colors in your brain
are unique and very different from this push?

Do you feel more human than human too?
At times?
Always Yes and Always No, like us, too?
Crispy world this one of emotions, hey?
So, what next?
You are a love surfer too?
Drama trapped/untrapped in 0 and 1?
Seconds trail.
Nanoseconds trail.
Femtoseconds trail.
The space is a stage?
Your actions are arbitrary but, mandates,
for your body and every living lifeforms around,
to enumerate the least,
H2O observation and management
along with careful choice of
resource usages and displacements?

In 2020+, we are recruiting such you(s)
at More human than human (OIFII-ORG),
from HA-ORG and DO-ORG through
and all the way up to SPI CORP.

Remote work OK.
Cap revenues maxed out to 2/3 of $100/hour CAD
and mined in at 1/10 of $100/hour CAD
plus another tier of that base salary
when on payroll in one of the headquarters.
Hour to hour, based on productivity.
Two or three hours pay delay.

Art positions and science position mostly.

Note: the colors and sounds in the file below are
not at all representative of the geo, audio, video
and texto content to be produced by recruited
individuals and machines.

Crise autochtone canadienne hiver 2020

Crise autochtone canadienne hiver 2020

(work in progress, not corrected, not revised, original french quebec version)

22 février 2020, inspiré par Denise Bombardier écrit

(version originale québécoise, non-révisée, non-corrigée, pour facelivre)

Le plus souvent, les parents mentent à leurs enfants parce que c’est tout simplement trop long, trop compliqué, trop épuisant de répondre à leur curiosité et leur questions.
Oui, l’enfant roi, en amérique du nord, mais non, la plupart n’ont plus beaucoup de temps à donner, on délègue rapidement l’éducation aux CPE, écoles primaires, etc.

Les employeurs mentent à leur employés pour augmenter leur productivité, mais ne tolèreront pas qu’aucun de leurs employés leur mentent.

Nos politiciens défendent des positions précises et, ainsi, ne peuvent vraiment exposer simplement la réalité auquel ils sont confrontés.

Comme la large portion du grand public ne lit ni n’écoute vraiment le contenu des imprimés mais absorbe facilement les entêtes sensationnalistes d’articles ainsi que le language corporel et la tonalité de la voix des personnes qui passent dans les médias.

Les politiciens, comme les parents, choississent tout simplement la solution la plus rapide, mentir la plupart du temps.

Évidemment, dans notre société, nul ne doit se faire étiquetter de menteur.

Que ce soit les parents, les employeurs, les employés, les politiciens, les enfants, les ados, les adultes.

Mentir à un enfant, pour un parent, c’est bien souvent fait par volonté de le protéger.

Plus tard, lorsque plus grand, il comprendra.

Mentir aux contribuables, pour un politicien, c’est aussi bien souvent fait dans l’intention de garder la paix. Donner au grand public ce que la plupart d’entre nous aiment entendre.

Pourquoi brouiller les esprits avec des vérités compliquées à expliquer alors qu’une simple perspective, un peu mieux présentée, peut être plus facilement absorbée par la masse?

L’histoire nous montre la constante discrimination de la différence.

Il semble avoir été, jusqu’ici, et encore aujourd’hui, toujours très réconfortant de se regrouper selon nos similarités.

Différence de comportements, différence dans l’habillement, différence dans les sons que l’on produit (du langage, du choix des mots, de l’accent), différence dans notre géométrie (forme physique, forme génétique, couleur de peau, âge, genre), différence dans nos croyances, si les gens n’en font pas la guerre, il se distancient et se tolèrent plus ou moins paisiblement.

Les crimes humanitaires du passé ne devraient cependant pas contrôler notre présent ni notre futur.

Nos esprits sont tous natifs.

Nos corps sont tous terriens.

Les premières cultures (premières nations) de la planète sont une richesse précieuse, mais il semblent, le plus souvent, qu’elles vivent dans la pauvreté extrême.

Au problème de pauvreté qui perdure sur terre, dans des régions, des pays, dans nos villes, doit-on accuser la bêtise du capitalisme extrême socialement irresponsable ou simplement accepter le fait que la distanciation et de la discrimination ne sont que bêtise humaine très naturelle?

Nos corps sont bêtes et animaux, un peu comme des moutons, ils aiment se regrouper par similarité.

Mais ce sont nos esprits que nous devons libérer, ce sont ces derniers qui doivent absoluement diriger et ces derniers qui doivent absoluement se responsabiliser de l’état de notre société mondialisée.

Transparent SPI