A Massive Tree Planting Op in Alberta and Quebec

I do not anticipate that Justin Trudeau will have my vote in this federal election in Canada unless he makes a splash before, or during, the election.

I plan to give my vote to Jagmeet Singh or Elizabeth May instead.

To beat Andrew Scheer, I think Justin should use the Canadian army to plant trees in Alberta and Quebec. It would change us the use of the Canadian army in Quebec by his father during the crisis of October 1970.

Wild, I know, not only a media splash but a massive tree planting op that would show his commitment for the environment.

But, there is not much time before the elections.

I dedicate this post to Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party of Canada and to the Young Liberals Commission of Canada (https://quebec.liberal.ca/commission-des-jeunes/).

From a citizen trying to save the Canadian Liberals boat 🙂

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